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Healing Through The 4th Dimension Part 1 + Part 2 plus Harmonyum Foundation

This course package is perfect for you if have never taken a Harmonyum course before, and want to take Healing Through the Fourth Dimension with Dr. Levry.

The course package allows you to full the prerequisites.

Foundation Course for Harmonyum Healing: begin learning immediately!

Part I & Part II

Are you ready to heal and help others heal?

The advanced Harmonyum Healing technique you will learn in Healing through the fourth dimension gives you the key and the door to the mystical gate of the fourth dimension where the origin of trauma can be completely wiped away. The 4th dimension has its own laws and its own way of being which are known to the mystics that can access and see the higher realms of existence. For the first time, this extraordinary Harmonyum Healing technique allows your divine self to take over, so that your body and mind can completely let go of mental, emotional, and physical trauma.

Why now?

From now until the end of 2026, what you do and how you take care of your emotional and mental health will affect you for years to come. By the knowledge of the laws of the 4th dimension, we can heal many things. By working with Divine Spiritual Wisdom and studying the language of the 4th dimension, we can take care of our mental, emotional, and physical selves in a way that nothing else can.

This period of Uranus in Taurus, a time of great cosmic significance and turbulent transition, which lasts until the end of 2026, will be heralded by a time of intense conflict that calls for a shift in individual and collective consciousness. We are living through an emotionally traumatic time, which is causing tremendous pressure on people. The cosmic forces are fighting for dominance. The Earth is also fighting for survival. The world is currently going through a process of purification, through the bitter experience of the global pandemic, and warfare. The old world will be laid low in order to make way for the building of the new world of spiritual and collective consciousness.

Given the devastating and massive impact of the global pandemic upon our mental, emotional and physical reality, it is vital to address the ramifications of this mental and emotional trauma that has affected us individually, and collectively, so that it does not continue to negatively impact our life and the lives of our loved ones.


Why do we need to learn to work through the fourth dimension?

The life we live now is not the life we will live tomorrow. There will be change and movement in every single person's life. Harmonyum through the 4th dimension reveals the proper way of fearlessly surrendering to the impulse of Life, so that our lives may be blessed. By knowing how to work with the 4th dimension, we will become free of the contradictions and the illnesses. In the process of healing yourself, you will learn the importance and necessity of harmonizing with your ancestors. If you have your health you can figure out anything else. But if you lose your health nothing else matters.

We need to learn this healing technology and take care of ourselves and others. It is our responsibility to raise the Light around us and lift the Light of Spirit in others, so that the distance between their head and their heart may grow ever smaller.

We must study the language of the 4th dimension. We must study the language of nature, in order to establish a relationship with her. Otherwise, we open the door to disharmonic states and diseases. Reality is absolutely intelligent by itself. Human life as an expression of this Reality, is strictly determined by the 4th dimension through the effect of higher laws that are conditioning human existence. Because of this, some events which will happen in life, can be foreseen in the 4th dimension.

Therefore, to ascend, we must connect with the 4th dimension to become a conduit through which the divine light may shine so that we can spread this Divinity through the acts of our being, through the touch of our hands, through our smile and through our very presence.

We must maintain our emotional and mental health in order to define our own essence, our own form and position in the organism of Nature and determine our place in the Universe.

There are laws in the 4th dimension that determine the state of our life in the 3rd dimension and in the same way there are laws which regulate all processes and circumstances in Nature and in life. All of these laws are based on a great Intelligence that permeates all of existence. In this course, you will learn how to develop the activities of this great Intelligence within yourself for healing and well-being.


Foundation Course Topics:

  • The true nature of dis-ease
  • What is self-healing
  • How to increase your innate healing capacity
  • The role of the nervous system and healing
  • Roadblocks between you and your optimal health, based on your unique blueprint
  • Simple techniques to improve your health
  • The importance of the Spine in energy healing
  • How Harmonyum creates the conditions for self-healing
  • The primary requirement of a Harmonyum practitioner
  • The potential global impact of Harmonyum
  • and you will experience Harmonyum!


Part I Topics:

  •  How to Work with the Fourth Dimension for Healing
  •  A Complete Stand-alone Technique to Heal Mental and Emotional trauma
  •  Astral Plane and Emotional Life - Tools to Overcome Emotional Instability and Create Emotional Harmony
  •  Techniques to Help Eliminate Depression and Anxiety
  •  Distance Harmonyum Healing Through the Fourth Dimension
  •  Connecting with Your Vertical and Horizontal Ancestral Lineage
  •  Awakening Your True Innate Force Out of Lethargy
  •  Transforming Addictions and Destructive Patterns
  •  Reprogramming the Physical Body Through the Divine Self
  •  Transforming the Imperfections of Our Human Nature into their Opposite Qualities


Part II Topics:

  •  How to use the laws of the fourth dimension to bypass the linear process of time and space
  •  How to work with fourth dimension to create health, success and a beautiful , magical life
  •  How to move from the law of karma to the law of grace
  •  How to work with the laws of the fourth dimension to be come free of conditioning
  •  How to become free of all negative astral and mental influences
  •  Connect with your innate dominion and power over your mind, body and affairs
  •  How to connect with your fourth dimensional self, the aspect of you that is made in the image and likeness of the Divine Creator


For those who are new to Harmonyum:

We have a special combination course package for you, that includes The Foundation Course, the prerequisite for all Harmonyum certification courses. Your course package also includes Part I and Part II. 



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